Hollywood, Meet Detroit.

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Say hello to my little friend. IRIS combines the precision of modern robotics with the reach and flexibility needed to capture not just one technical shot, but all of them. It’s never been easier to put the camera where you want it, when you want it, over and over again.

More than just a tool for camera control, IRIS is a platform for automating the entire set. Move lights, actors and set pieces in perfect synchronization, then watch in real-time as they match your CG elements. Automate cues, trigger hardware and coordinate across departments, all from an intuitive touch interface.

Napoleon Complex.

spec sheet

Introducing SCOUT. With the same intelligence and charm of its large sibling, but scrappier and even faster. SCOUT dramatically increases creative possibilities for tabletop and high-speed shoots. Stunningly quick, articulate and obedient, the compact system is ideal for live action and innovative stop-motion cinematography.