Introducing IRIS. A simple and powerful new way to create, visualize, coordinate and execute modern cinematography.

Hollywood, meet Detroit.

IRIS gives filmmakers and artists the power of robotic motion control without the complexity.

A Maya-based workflow makes it easy to animate the physical world, and a suite of “BD” tools plug into the workflow of a modern film set.

Pre-visualize motion paths and automate the set within a unified environment. Control of on-set hardware is simple - just select a pre-rigged robot or IO device from a drop down menu and animate it with standard Maya tools.

With a modular design and plug-and-play interface, it’s easy to integrate and control third-party hardware such as remote heads, external axes, pyrotechnics, pro audio systems and lighting desks.

Robotic motion and external devices are controlled by one central timeline, offering not only synchronization to the millisecond, but coordination across sound, lighting, and camera departments.

A handheld control wheel gives you the flexibility to scrub through the current take or attenuate playback speed. Delay for a moment while an actor delivers his line or speed through a rushed entrance, all the while keeping the set in sync and recording your adjustments for playback in the future.

Every detail of your shoot - slate numbers, shot notes, cues, motion data, and more - is stored in a database for immediate review or delivery to post-production.

Our custom preview station gives you a glimpse of the final shot, with real-time compositing of live or recorded video, pre-visualized CG, and scene data.

Bot & Dolly's dedicated safety hardware and on-set protocols protect talent, crew, and equipment. BDSafe includes live-man switches, workspace monitoring, and comprehensive risk management protocols to evaluate the safety of a particular sequence.